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Groundwork and landscaping are essential when laying asphalt. The base of the asphalt is where it gets its strength. If the base is weak, then your asphalt won’t last.

All clay, grass, and rocks should be removed. Your slab base should be 18-24 inches of 6-inches or less gravel, with rocks no bigger than 6 inches. Your surface gravel should be 4-6 inches with 2-inches or smaller gravel.

Any old asphalt that is too far gone should be removed so the base can be checked to ensure everything is okay. The base work is where most of the time goes into. We are making sure it is ready for asphalt.

The landscaping is essential to make sure water is going away from and off the asphalt. Water is the number one issue for asphalt. The water causes heaving and cracks.

We offer everything from loaming the edges to entirely rebuilding your lawn. An exposed edge of asphalt is a weak point. It should have a loam or gravel level to strengthen the edge to prevent cracking or breaking.

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